The healthcare payment solutions you need, from a bank you trust

The Healthcare Developer Center offers the solutions you need to provide the security and convenience your customers expect. By integrating with Bank of America's Healthcare Omni-Channel Gateway to add payment functionality to your healthcare software applications, you can develop new revenue streams from your existing and new customers.

The healthcare payment solutions you need, from a bank you trust

Secure, flexible patient payment technology

Our healthcare payments technology integrates seamlessly into the healthcare applications of leading independent software vendors. From PMS and EHR systems, to revenue cycle management applications, patient engagement solutions, and more, we improve the financial performance of healthcare providers by increasing payment options and maximizing patient satisfaction.


Improve patient experience

An intuitive and tech-enabled system that will enable your customers to offer patients a simplified and streamlined payment experience


Solutions built for the healthcare industry

Designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers, delivering a fully integrated and secure payment experience


Reduce costs

Efficient options to help your customers lower their costs and optimize employee productivity, while increasing patient satisfaction and collections


Accelerate payment reconciliation

Simplify settlements and enhance transparency through streamlined reconciliation


Stay ahead of the curve

Offer the latest payment experience options, including digital, omni-channel, and contactless payments